Wednesday, November 21, 2007


While most of you are running around like turkeys with your heads cut off, I sit calm and relaxed. I simply have 4 pies to bake and 56 rolls to make. No problem....

Work was so hectic today that I didn't know that lunch time came and went except that my stomach kept growling. I am just now sitting down to eat my quesadilla lunch, which was actually pretty good. So compared to my work today, baking pies and rolls doesn't really matter too much.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I was hoping we would get to play our football game tomorrow but if it rains there is no way I am going out there. I was just sick for two days. Below are the Lavy linebackers. Wink!


LJL said...

I could go for a nice, sunny,warm, sandy, wide Myrtle Beach beach about now with my favorite son and favorite son-in-law. Remember the hot volleyball games...I charged into the surf and flopped in to the pounding waves like a beached whale to cool off!