Saturday, January 05, 2008

Pick a Pink Posie


~~anna~~ said...

WOW! You are fast! What size is this? or, will it be when finished?

I recently saw a pattern for a quilt called "Vanishing Nine Patch".
It looked really interesting. I want to make a cover for our bed. I just won't use batting, as there would be no need for it here. So, I might try this pattern.
If you're interested, I'll locate the info online for you.

By the way, I had a really long post typed for my blog today. Just as I hit 'send', the internet went down and I lost the entire thing...gggrrrr....

Regi said...

Hey! This is just a little lap quilt. The blocks are only 8" inch blocks. I am not going to add a border on this one I don't think.

I think I have seen the pattern you are talking about. If it is the same one, it was all about the use of color that made it seem to "vanish" and it didn't appear to even be the nine patch pattern.

That would stink. Your posts don't automatically save as you are typing them?

Leah said...

Your quilts are beautiful!!!
I know your sister Ally from our Youth Camp.

~~anna~~ said...

the vsnishing or disappearing 9 patch looks realy simple. Start by stitching a 9 patch block, square it up, then with a rotary cutter cut down the middle horizontally and vertically. then take those 4 squares, turn them anyway you want and restitch into a square. hard to visualize perhaps, but very interesting.

and my blog says it saves while I type, but NO it does NOT! gggrrrr

Regi said...

Hey Leah~ Thanks for commenting.

That is a bummer about your blog anna!

Lauren Reifsnider said...

Hey Regina!
Your quilts are beautiful! How much would you charge for a quilt??
Happy New Year, darling!

~~anna~~ said...

SUCCESS! My blog is updated (took 3 attempts just this morning) but it is finally updated! I'm a happy camper today!

Regi said...

Hey Lauren! So good of you to comment, my dear!

It totally depends on the quilt and how much time I put into quilting. I love to hand quilt so sometimes I put a lot of time into designs and borders. It also depends on the size.

I've never actually sold one. I have just given them away. Someday when I am famous maybe I will name a price :o)

Theresa said...

Regi, your quilts are o so lovely , thanks for showing them. Can't wait to see them done!