Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things I love about You

  • Your eyes
  • Your smile
  • How you mop the floor cause I hate doing it
  • How klutzy you are sometimes (this one always makes me grin)
  • How you plan trips
  • How you surprise me
  • The roses you send to me
  • That you care about our financial security
  • Your honesty
  • How you apologize so quickly (I am learning to do this)
  • How you say Thank You
  • How you always open the door for me
  • That you try to make me happy
  • That you take me to quilt shops
  • Your romantic side
  • Your willingness to help out at church
  • How smart you are about important things (i.e. the Bible)
  • That you love to travel
  • Your sense of humor
  • How you tell others about Jesus
  • That you are my cheerleader
  • Your love for me and for God
  • That you let me quilt all the time

Love you JAY!


jennifer glick said...

This is very sweet. You all are an adorable couple!


LJL said...

I read that whole thing wondering who in the WORLD you were talking about. Fortunately, you told us at the end!

Regi said...

Somehow I knew I could count on you for a goofy comment :o)