Friday, July 18, 2008

95% Dead

My laptop is almost assuredly dead in the water for a while. I actually got about 2.5GB backed up on the internet before the laptop seemingly went to sleep. I've tried everything short of beating it against the wall to try to get it to stay on, but alas, it does not listen.

So in my frustration, three nights ago I got on Ebay and found a used laptop store in Cincinnati and I purchased a dirt cheap, formerly used Dell laptop. I am currently restoring that 2.5GB from my backup drive to this "new" laptop. We would have eventually purchased a laptop since Jay's laptop was actually property of the YMCA and since he no longer works for them, his laptop was passed to his replacement. I just hadn't expected to get one so soon, but what can I say? I wasn't happy that my so called "top-o-the-line" HP laptop hasn't even last 3 years and it's already having major problems. Of course, I do realize that 3 years in the computer world is probably like an eternity with all the new upgrades and gatchets out there, but still!


~~anna~~ said...

So sorry...
I know in the past when one of our laptops had problems it turned out to be the battery. After replacing that it worked like new!
Just a thought...