Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Only a few more weeks..

I am getting so excited about Hawaii. We have the trip paid off. Now we are working on saving money for all the little things, like food, shopping and trips. Little stuff, yah know? Wink!

Yesterday, we sat down with our travel agent and she got us booked for a 4 1/2 hour Pearl Harbor tour. She is also looking into a sunset dinner cruise for the evening of our anniversary. Prices are absolutely outrageous down there so we will probably spend a lot of time cruising in our rented convertible and any free stuff we can do.

We are staying at the Turtle Bay Resort.
(p.s. if you have dial-up or a slower connection, the above link may take some time to load)

It is on the north shore of the island and about 45 minutes from downtown which is exactly what I wanted.


LJL said...

Are the Rathbones going with you? For anyone who doesn't know, that is from "Aloha Oy", an Odyssey episode. And, one of the funniest episodes, I must admit. Bart says there is never a reason to walk on coals barefooted...until someone spots his wallet in the fire.

aunt connie said...

Lukcy you!!

aunt connie said...

...excuse the transposed spelling, please!

dee said...

todd and i honeymooned in oahu 24 years ago and would love to return for our 25th. i know you're gonna love it!

when you eat out, watch out for the seafood stir-fry. you may get some unusual stuff in it. todd's had octopus...

~~anna~~ said...

Will look forward to your pics from this trip! When do you actually travel? How long will you be able to stay?
~d, sounds like Hawaiian restaurants cook like Dominican ones. seafood pizza has octopus and squid with some other unrecognizable 'cosas de la mar".
Just wish we could convince them to make a Hawaiian pizza. With all the pineapple on this island you would think they could put some on a pizza!

Butternut said...

Ohhhh...pineapple and ham pizza sounds great!

~~anna~~ said...

oh, Ham & pineapple pizza is delicious! We used to buy them on Thursday nights at a little pizza place near us when we were in Costa Rica for those 4 months! Try'll like it!
Don't wait for Hawaii!
Have one while you're beginning your packing for your adventurous move to your new home! ha!