Monday, July 21, 2008


Charlie aims at the target during the 25 yard shooting contest.

Dad circling the shots so they aren't confused with someone else's.

My cousin, Steve, and his little boy.

Mary shooting. She actually won the contest with 28 out of 30.

We had timed go-kart races. My 2 lap time was quicker than everyone else's except for Dad, but he had home "track" advantage :o)

Then it was off to the Trailer race. If you remember my post from last year, to win the race you must still be able to move around the track and you must be pulling something.

The dude pulling the boat lost it before the race even started!

Me and my lil sis, Ally. I believe this will be the last time I get to see her. She is leaving for Hobe Sound Bible College in the next few weeks. Good luck, Ally!

Well, alas, I am at home alone this week. Jay is out in PA at a youth camp. Apparently this is his 24th year in a row to attend this camp and he just can't miss one single year.


Anonymous said...

home alone = don't have to cook, right? ;)

~~anna~~ said...

Where were the truck/trailer races? I've seen them on TV in the past and think they are a blast to watch!
Home alone = not cooking = lots of quilting time too, right?

Alanna said...

I think it's so funny that he's been there 24 years in a row. Guess it gives him bragging rights! :)

LJL said...

What a wacky day and night at Shadybowl Speedway. is the site. I think

Jonathan and Sommer said...

Hey, is that Hobe Sound Florida? My sister lives around there. I thought it was beautiful there.

Butternut said...

Well, to answer all the questions. I am not much of a cook at all, so Jay is really great when it comes to cooking. He is good at it.

Anna, the races are at Shady Bowl Speedway which is east of Sidney in Degraff.

Sommer, yes that the college in located at Hobe Sound, Florida.

Anonymous said...

oh, so home alone = no good meals, eh? :p