Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Wild Side

It was a beautiful day for a ride...a horseback ride. But alas, I don't have a horse to ride, so my boss offered me a ride on his Harley. I absolutely loved it. He has a really nice bike and that back seat was very comfortable. There are even round speakers for the passenger and the sound is really good. You can kinda see the one speaker just under the right passenger elbow rest.

Putting on a helmet, not because my boss is a bad driver, but who knows what kind of wackos are on the roads.

A friend helped buckle the helmet.

Awaiting instructions on how to get on. I can mount a horse much more easily than getting on this thing.

My boss smiling as he explained I shouldn't really lean much in the corners, to just lean with the bike slightly.

Waving to Cathy (photographer) who had been instructed by the other boss to take pictures since he had a meeting and couldn't be there for my pilgrim "voyage." Right after Cathy snapped this picture, he gunned the engine and I let out a little squeak right in his ear, but what do you expect? Overall, it was very enjoyable and relaxing. We went on some back country winding roads. I wasn't really use to the leaning because it felt like we were going to tip over. I knew we wouldn't, but sometimes it felt like we were leaning way over. Thanks, Boss, for the bike ride :o)


LJL said...

Jason goes away and you become a wild woman.

Amy said...

Sounds like lots of fun.