Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 4 - "Dole" Monday

The first pineapple I have seen actually on the plant. Interesting! This morning we toured the Dole Plantation just a few minutes from the resort.

A Mango tree, which I have also never seen.

We rode the "Pineapple Express" around the plantation and learned tidbits about pineapple. A good planter (everything is done by hand) can plant up to 10,000 pineapple plants a day!!!! And there are approximately 28,000 pineapple plants in an acre of land.

I know this picture is out of order, but I am throwing it in before I forget. They have these birds in the lobby of our resort. It's hilarious!

Workers in the pineapple fields.

My very goofy husband!

A little pond in the middle of one of the gardens.

After the tours, we purchased pineapple icecream and sliced fresh pineapple. Yumm yumm!

Cowboy Baker on his Hawaiian ride!

Isn't this tree cool?? Our trail guide said they filmed part of the TV show "Lost" in the area we were riding the horses. I thought the tree was pretty kewl.
Yo, MOM!!! Check out my saddle!
My absolute favorite part of the ride. The beach!!!!

Riding with the sun going down.

A World War II bunker.

Jay riding like a pro and bringing up the rear since his horse likes to kick.


LJL said...

Oh, wow, how neat riding on the beach. More great pix!

~~anna~~ said...

I would have really enjoyed the tour of the pineapple plantation.
Did you get any mango there, too? That's one of my favorites here, along with "chinola" (passion fruit)!

Anonymous said...

We're very jealous!!! Great pics, I'm calling the travel agent and changing our itenerary. AB

Belinda said...

wow! that looks awesome!

hey, happy anniversary!!!

Amy said...

Pineapple ice cream? It sounds very interesting. I bet that was some good pineapple!

Regi said...

Anna - No we didn't get any mango and I am truthfully not that fond of passion fruit so I am not even sure if they had that on the menu!
AB - I think you and K. would really love it down here. It is so beautiful and the winds off the ocean keep the heat from being unbearable. It is very comfortable.
BB - Thanks for commenting and for the "happy anniversary"
Amos - I wasn't too sure of the pineapple icecream either but it wasn't overwhelming so it actually was quite good. The fresh pineapple was awesome and since I love pineapple anyway it was super good to me :o)