Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Day 5 - Terrific Tuesday - Our Anniversary!

(I know it says October 1 at the top, but I am actually posting this on September 30. Blogspot has Eastern Time so this is actually still being posted on Tuesday Hawaiian Time :o) Today I slept in really late and it was very nice. I took a pic of this blue stop sign. Pretty funky!

Jay used to work for Shred-it back in Cincinnati so we were quite surprised to see them here on the Big Island.
A huge cruise ship which was docked just near our dinner cruise ship.
This was our boat.
Me and my hubby!

Diamond Head - hopefully we will be flying over it tomorrow on a helicopter tour and more pictures should be forth coming.

Having fun and taking pics of the sunset.

Following the first course of a Romaine salad with bread and tomatoes, was this: Beef, Snow crab legs over vegetables and a dollop of mashed potates with a weird little branch of something sticking out of it. Both Jay and I smelled it and agreed that if you cut a branch of your Christmas tree it would smell the exact same!!! The crab legs were all you could eat so Jay had fun with that. I ate three legs which took me forever to get the meat out. I remember watching Dad do it but I didn't realize how hard it was. Not too mention, after I looked at the under side of the legs it started grossing me out so I decided I didn't want anymore.
Followed by the third course, Hawaiian Macademia Nut icecream. Yumm!
I've been forgetting to mention this: every night two Hawaiian ladies stop by our door and ask if we would like our bed turned down. How hilarious is that?? I've never stayed at a place where they do that. Tonight we returned to our room after they had already been through and as you can see it was turned down and there is a little coconut cookie wrapped in a leaf and tied with string. I hate coconut but this has very little coconut in it and actually was quite good.
And last, but certainly not least, as I mentioned I was sleeping in this morning. When I decided I should probably get up, Jay presented me with this adorable little turtle with a lei around it's neck and a Hawaiian passport attached to it. I think it is adorabe. Happy Anniversary to my hubby. I love you very much!


LJL said...

What a week! I am so glad for you guys. Sounds like a dream vacation.

~~anna~~ said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like you are really enjoying yourself on this dream vacation!

Becky said...

Wow!! I found your site through your Aunt Connie. I've been so impressed with the quilts you make. Your vacation wonderful. I've enjoyed the pictures. Happy Anniversary.

Regi said...

Thanks for all the comments. This is definitely our dream vacation. We have saved and saved and saved for this. We have had to pass up things that we wanted in order to save for this vacation and it is paying off.

Becky, thanks for commenting! You will have to tell my Aunt Connie, who of course I am now calling Aunt Grandma Connie, that I sayd "hi."

Liz said...

You all have inspired us to make our dream of an island vacation happen! :>) We might not even wait till the kids are grown! ;>)

Alanna said...

It's been so cool seeing all your pictures and tidbits about what is happening in Hawaii!

Amy said...

Blue stop signs? I'm sure I'd run it. Why do you look so happy? I don't understand. :-) I am so happy you got to go on your dream vacation. It looks like y'all are having a blast.

Anonymous said...

that twig in you mashed potatoes is a herb it is rosemary