Thursday, October 02, 2008

Day 6 - Weary Wednesday

After a long day out and about, I am pretty whooped!

Pictures from the air!

Looking down into Diamond Head Crater.

This bay is known for its snorkeling and I think it look so pretty!

A waterfall that I couldn't see very well so I just pointed my camera in the general direction and as you can see I didn't get the top of it!

The U.S.S. Lincoln just recently arrived into Pearl Harbor. It carries nearly 5,000 members of the Navy.
Us with our goofy looking life vest paks around our waists. They look ridiculous but they are necessary!

Next we went driving around and to avoid paying outrageous parking we found a 2 hour parking slot on the street and walked to the U.S. Army Museum. It was free admission (which of course, we loved!) and we walked around it for an hour or so. Lots of neat information and displays about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Then we got back in our car and found a parking garage and headed to the pier where we met up with our boat that would take us to our submarine tour. This cute little chapel was at the Hilton Hawaiian Village right near the pier.

Once we switched from the boat to the submarine, we had to shimmy down a ladder into the interior. This would not be a trip for clastrophobic people. There were approximately 64 of us in the submarine. It is the largest passenger submarine in the world. Of course, any US naval submarine would be bigger however, they do not have the "port holes" to look out of either. We saw lots of fish and the tour led us through a plane and two ships underwater. These were put their on purpose and in conjuction with the University of Hawai'i. Apparently since their placement on the bottom of the ocean, the fish population has increased over 3,000% in this area. The ships give a safe resting place to fish trying to sleep without fear of being eaten by sharks or predator fish. We had hoped to avoid paying out the wazoo for parking but even with 40 minutes of our parking ticket validated, we still ended up paying $21 for 3 hours of parking. Isn't that ridiculous??

Can you make out the giant turtle? Isn't it cute? Apparently these big guys can stay under water for up to 3 hours by slowing their heart rate down to 1 beat per minute. Crazy, huh?

There were a couple divers at one of the ships. Our guide said they were spear hunting. I think they enjoyed showing off for the folks on the submarine.

The flags attached to the boat that took us from the pier to the submarine and back.

We stopped at the island's largest mall, Ala Moana. This was our second time here, but we didn't care to shop this time. I just wanted something different to eat. The Food Court has tons of different kinds of food including: Hawaiian (duh!), Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Ameri-Mexican (Taco Bell), American (Tony Roma's etc) and more. Then we headed back to the resort. Six lanes of traffic wide and it was packed.